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About (Biography)

Chris Fournier has what you might call an unusual childhood upbringing as he spent the majority of his young years living on a small cattle farm in central Minnesota. He learned how to drive tractors, operate farm equipment, and take care of cattle.  This may sound like a lot of work, and it was, but its not like it was a dairy farm where you had to be up with the cows every morning!

Chris had a lot of free time on the farm as you might suspect and spent much of it playing with his brothers and sister doing the usual kid stuff: G.I. Joes, Tonka trucks, video games, and playing with pets.  He also became an avid marksman and ATV rider.  Chris attended grade school and high school in New London, MN where he had many friends and enjoyed various sports such as football and baseball, but his real love was Shotokan Karate where he acheived the rank of black belt.

Chris's family decided to move to Kalispell, MT in 1994.  Chris finished out his junior and senior year there.  After a graduating in Montana, Chris decided to move to Phoenix, AZ where he attended DeVry University and earned his bachelor in CIS. 

Chris currently works in Scottsdale, AZ and is heavily involved with IT infrastructure in a UNIX environment.

  • DOB and location:  March 13th, 1978.  Duluth, MN
  • Education: BS - CIS, DeVry Univeristy
  • Favorite Car:  C6 Corvette Z06 
  • Favorite Movie: Aliens (James Cameron is a genius)
  • Favorite Food: Roast chicken
  • Favorite Music: Rock and techno
  • Current projects:  Building an e-commerce site
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